Noëlle Sterk – Bhakti Flow Yoga

Saturday 11.00 – 12.30

The class starts with a meditative self inquiry ~ where am I, how do I feel and what do I need. Slow rhythmic movement start to follow the wave of the breath, exploring details and aspects in different poses. When the awareness is fully directed inwards, the body is prepared for a dynamic warming up. The gentle tempo that follows allows you to dive deeper into a state of ‘witnessing’. The invitation is to discover softness in power, steadiness in movement and tranquility in challenge. The final stage of the practice are long yin based forward bends to cool down and relax the body before fully surrendering to savasana. The rhythm of the class is like nature; birth in spring, power in summer, slowing down in autumn, withdrawing in winter and getting ready for a next cycle that will be a fresh beautiful day with new inspiration. The spiritual emphasis of the class will address mantras and myths of the yoga tradition, and make these energies accessible for everyday use.

Noëlle Sterk is a visionairy entrepreneur and lifestyle artist, teaching various styles of yoga since 2008. Her work is inspired by the elements of nature, the rich philosophy of mystical traditions and health systems like Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. She is also massage therapist, coach and designer of lifestyle programs and retreats. Check her website and full yoga CV on