Anne Ahau: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga

Anne Ahau: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga

Thursday 9:00-10:30 Studio Wittenstraat

Kundalini yoga is practiced as a way to awaken the latent power of the nervous system (kundalini) by focusing on energy centers (chakras). Dynamic body exercises are used in combination with different breathing techniques, especially with the breath of fire or the Kapalabhati. The breath is central in this form of yoga.

Kundalini yoga is also called the yoga of consciousness. With regular practice of Kundalini Yoga we become aware of our being human; awareness of our own actions and their consequences. As a result we enhance our communication from the here and now.

Kundalini yoga has a very direct effect on both the nervous system and the glandular system of the human being.  We immediately experience the effect of the exercises in the form of increased relaxation, vitality and alertness.

About Anne Ahau:
Anne Ahau is an experienced and certified Level1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher and teaches this yoga techique since 2004. Her focus is cultivation of inner light and energy sustainment with the use of Kundalini Yoga & Breathing Techniques and a ceremonial way of conducting the sessions. Her aim is to create and support awareness about rhythms and cycles of body in corelation with earth, sun, and moon. She loves to guide, and help others tapping into grander and sustaining resources of energy. Ads a result we become a conscious farmer of the body-landscape.

Anne: “In 2003 my inner perception shifted to the energy body by a sudden Kundalini Awakening. I started focusing on Kundalini Yoga. The yoga became my backbone and bridge to other dimensions, lifeforms, and people. My work is about sharing the magic of alignment, synchronicity, and interconnectedness.

Anne’s way of teaching as discribed by a student: “I experience Anne as a very gifted teacher. Her extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field of Kundalini yoga, meditation, astrology and her highly developed intuition provide a unique teaching style. Because she knows how to use head and heart in a balanced way, she is able to move her lessons again and again to a higher level of experience. A unique combination of yoga, dance, meditation and astrology making her lessons surprising and always dynamic. All factors, I believe, connecting perfectly with the current zeitgeist in which we can elevate us as humans by developing both, sense and ratio. The lessons of Anne are hereby a very welcome support.”