Barbara Schroevers: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Barbara Schroevers

wednesday 10:00-11:30 Studio Wittenstraat

Accompanied with the breath the movements sets this Vinyasa flow yoga class. It is a dynamic form of yoga where we flow from one pose to another. Expect space for reflection and technique explanation. Use yoga in what it truly means and explore the body, mind and soul to find balance.

Vinyasa Yoga is part of Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga has its origins in the Eightfold Path, which was described by Patanjali. Vinyasa Yoga uses ‘Vinyasas’, this is a series of dynamic postures that we practice one after the other. Together with the breath we gain a certain effect. This allows us to achieve more depth in your practice.
The start is slow, after which you build up to more dymamic and challenging postures. From these poses we move to some quieter positions to cool down and to finally close with Savasana.

Barbara: We will explore our body and find our limits. Becoming aware that the goal of Vinyasa Flow yoga is to realise our true self and let go of the ego that always wants to achieve. Although your
body will certainly benefit from the practice and we will definitely challenge it, we
are not after the perfect body. Finding the inner being that is waiting to arise is the key.
I have practiced a variety of yoga forms since my teenage years in the seventies. In 2009/10 I followed a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Svaha Yoga. In 2018 a Yin Yoga teacher training at Yoga Garden. And recently in 2022 a yoga and meditation teacher training from Amaratva and Sunfood Yoga.