Eleonore van Vooren: Yoga Nidra

Eleonore van Vooren: Yoga Nidra – all levels

Thursday 17:30-18:30 Studio Wittenstraat

Eleonore van Vooren: Yoga NidraYoga nidra is like a meditation, releasing tension from the body, mind and eventually spirit. With this we restore and heal ourselves. A session of Nidra is the same as 4 hours of deep sleep. It’s very rejuvenating for all your cells. By going into deep relaxation you release so much tension that you can even come to the level of trauma release. It is a practise to explore the subconscious mind by relaxation, openness and surrender of the senses.
Eleonore van de Vooren: ‘ For me it s the way to be lighter in my body and therefor on the world.’
Sinds 2009 she is active in yoga and teaching many different styles like Hatha, aerial and Kundalini yoga all over the world.