Tantra Yoga – Koos Volkers

Tantra Yoga – all levels – Koos Volkers

thursday 17:30-18:30 

Koos Volkers is a dance teacher for about twenty years. Three years ago he completed the Traditional Tantra Yoga T.T. at the Shri Kali Ashram in India and is since then sharing this at the rasalila studio in Amsterdam.

Tantra is about essence. In essence all is one. We are complete. The yoga teaches us to let go of that what creates the sense of duality. We learn to let the asanas work for us. “Nowhere to go. Nothing to reach for”
In this world where we continue to develop ourselves. Where we keep “learning” We might as well learn to unlearn. To let go. To just listen to the movement of our inner silence. Or just relax.
In this Thursday class we’ll go through a standing series which was designed hundreds of years ago. Allow yourself to discover yourself by letting go of yourself.