Lizet van Knippenberg: Vinyasa Yoga

Lizet van Knippenberg: Vinyasa Yoga – All levels

wednesdays 10:00 – 11.30 Studio Wittenstraat

Lizet van Knippenberg: Vinyasa yogaVinyasa yoga is one of the best types of yoga for a workout. The practice of various Vinyasa yoga poses helps your body maximize its potential. While doing the practice of Vinyasa Yoga poses, you need to focus on how you inhale and exhale your breath as you flow from one Vinyasa yoga pose to the next.

Lizet van Knippenberg: ‘’I want to encourage people to move with compassion and consciousness to rediscover their inner child.
Since i was young i’ve always been interested in human behaviour, health, lifestyle and movement. I used to be a dancer, later on it changed into sports such as running and cycling. Whether it’s sports or just walking, any form of movement: brushing our teeth, doing laundry, setting the table, chewing, typing or intense activities; it will serve our body and mind. When yoga came into my life, I realised that this way of moving combined with focus, breath and attention not only nurtured my hunger for movement, but also made me calm, humble and playfull. When the body is strong and flexible, the mind will be calm and open en way more creative.

By getting people to know their body’s, encouraging their sensitivity and creativity, I want to help people discover what réally make sense in their life, accept who they and face the world with newborn eyes.

With great pleasure i like to share my passion with others who like to grow and change, wherever they are in their lives”.