Monique Haan: Kundalini Yoga – all levels

Monique Haan: Kundalini Yoga – all levels

Kundalini yoga is practiced as a way to awaken the latent power of the nervous system (kundalini) by focusing on energy centers (chakras). Dynamic body exercises are used in combination with different breathing techniques, especially with the breath of fire or the Kapalabhati. The breath is central in this form of yoga.

Kundalini yoga is also called the yoga of consciousness. With regular practice of Kundalini Yoga we become aware of our being human; awareness of our own actions and their consequences. As a result we enhance our communication from the here and now.

Kundalini yoga has a very direct effect on both the nervous system and the glandular system of the human being.  We immediately experience the effect of the exercises in the form of increased relaxation, vitality and alertness.

Monique Haan Kundalini yogaMonique Haan/Akal S Kaur is a Certified International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 & 2 Body focused counsellor. Her lessons are known to be very profound and therapeutic.

My deepest drives are self-development and sharing experiences with others, connecting. Since my early thirties I have had a special interest in energy- and stress management. This quest has taken me to body-focused counselling, Chi Kung, different styles of meditation and Kundalini Yoga . I happily stuck to the last one…

When starting Kundalini Yoga in 2009 I instantly felt that this would be good for me. After a deep plunge into the practice, lifestyle and community, a shift came about. I adopted aspects that proved fitting, and discarded those that didn’t. All-time favorites are the cold shower in the morning, an early morning practice, the cleansing diet (kitcheree!) and the enormous variety of kriyas and meditations. The playground called life and its challenges determine my practice now, which is more relaxed and joyful.

The classes I teach are a blend of where I am myself and what feels relevant in relation to the bigger picture. Frequently, the classes take shape shortly before and during the class. I love this intuitive and creative flow! Returning elements are trust, curiosity, autonomy, focus and intuition. I feel grateful being on this journey, and I am looking forward to meet you in class!”