Rachel de Boer: Chakra Hatha Yoga

Rachel de Boer: Chakra Hatha Yoga – all levels

Wednesday 18:00 – 19:30 Studio Wittenstraat

Rachel de Boer Hatha yogaThis Chakra Yoga class we work every week with a different chakras (energy centers in the body). We do the asanas (yoga postures) associated with this particular chakra and part of the body. We also use programs pranayama (breathing exercises), affirmations, visualizations and meditations associated with the Chakra home. The Chakra Learning is offering, we go deeper into each Chakra. There will thus stand as a cycles of seven classes. Between them a lesson where all the chakras, as an introduction to the issue late. You can always get in!

The asanas are mainly from the classical Hatha Yoga tradition, focusing on good, healthy and stable alignment of the body. And the focus is on a straight back. In addition, we remain longer in one position. We consciously use our breath, and put it in to extend and soften. My key words are Hatha Yoga; body awareness, relaxation, strength, flexibility, attention (mindfulness), breathing and meditation.

Chakra Hatha Yoga can help you better understand your own physical and mental wellbeing. It can make you aware of the different stages of your inner process and your personal growth. We also put a structure in the yoga class, because we follow the natural body. From the feet to the crown of the head to the feet. This can also create more room for attention and concentration in a specific area of ​​the body.
Tje yoga student knows that he or she can expect. And therefore can more keep the focus on the body and the breath. In addition to Chakra Yoga emotional and psychological aspects used during exercise. Chakra Hathayoga bid as a wide opening to become aware of body, mind and soul.

About Rachel de Boer:
I did a 600 hour Raya Yoga training bij Annemiek Latour in Amsterdam East. I am specialised in chairyoga asswell. Next to that I also give  young children yoga-lessons and lessons in body-awareness on elementary schools in Amsterdam and on festivals in Holland.
In the past I have been a fanatic ice, inline and rollerskate-dancer. I have a background as an amateur dancer, modern and classical ballet. Therefore, I have developed  very good balance in my body over the years. At the moment I am involved in meditative dance-forms like 5 Rhythms, Butoh and Medicine Movement. And I have experiences in Gi-Gong, Tai-Chi and the different forms of yoga exercises like vinyasa. 
Hope to see you in my lessons.
Greetings Rachel.