Regilio Sedoc: Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

Regilio Sedoc: Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga – all levels

monday 13:30 – 15:00 

How can you become aware of your body? And how can controlled breathing contribute to your mental health? How do you become stress-free again at the start of a busy work week? These are just a few examples of things I would like to explore with my students in my yoga classes.

When I got a hamstring injury during a dance proposal thirteen years ago, I started practicing yoga myself. Yoga not only made my injury disappear quickly, it also sparked an interest in me about the functioning of muscles and organs. The flexibility and stretchability of the body and the strength of breathing exercises and its influence on your overall well-being. I quickly continued to deepen and develop myself in the field of yoga, where I have been providing my own lessons for 10 years now. During my classes I try to let my students discover the benefits of yoga for themselves. The basis that I try to convey is rest and awareness of the body; not so much the pursuit of a “perfect posture”. During my lessons, I give tools of how yoga can be applied in daily life, so that it is easier to absorb and put things into perspective in stressful situations. My classes are suitable for anyone who would like to explore their own body and are ready for some piece of mind!