Yin- and Restorative Yoga: Lovely Uhlenbeek

Lovely Uhlenbeek: Yin- and Restorative Yoga all levels

Tuesday 12.00-13.30 Studio Wittenstraat

Lovely Uhlenbeek is a yin -and restorative yogateacher in Amsterdam.
Her classes are a combination of yoga postures, meditation and self-inquiry. Inviting you to go within and connect with home, the essence of who we are.
Lovely is also a guitar teacher and singer-songwriter.’

Yin yoga is a gentle and meditative practice that invites the attention to shift from mind to the felt experience.
Holding each posture for a few minutes gives us the opportunity to turn the attention inwards and investigate what is truthful. By genuinely observing what is taking place from moment to moment we start to distinguish the difference between the raw sensation and the interpretation of the mind.