Yin Yang Yoga Leila van Wetten

Leila van Wetten

Yin Yang Yoga all levels friday 10:00 – 11:30 

After finishing her 200 hours Teacher Training in 2017 at Vinyasa Yoga Academy in India, Leila (27) then spent a lot of time sitting on rocks along the riverbanks of the Ghanga. She realised that her urge to move, flow and celebrate needed to be balanced out, so she was very pleased to find out about Yin*. One of the things Leila is using her time for is deepening her own practice and understanding of this form of yoga, guided by Arhanta Yoga NL, self study and teaching.
For this Yin Yang Yoga class Leila works with the cycle of the moon; looking at her position, related to the zodiac signs, finding inspiration in this theme, exploring the creative, feminine energy that the moon is rich. A combination of smooth moon-salutations, balancing postures or exercises and intense yin stretches. Sweet and deep!
*Yin is a form of yoga that works on the deep tissues by holding (sitting or laying down) postures for 3-5 minutes, finding a place between comfort and discomfort, letting time and gravity do the work.